HDTV combo Twin DVB-S2 + DVB-T recorder with Hard Disk based on Linux

    The Skyter™ 3D HD is equipped on board with independent two DVB-S2 and single DVB-T tuners as well as an embedded 150Mbps WLAN & 100/10Mbps LAN which allow amazing flexibility to connect on broadcast TV signals as well as in to home and broadband network.

    Integrating hard disk with up to 1Tbyte capacity allows to record HDTV broadcasts and in same time to view these either in real-time or time-shifted without any loss in quality.


    Key beneficial functions presented on Skyter™ 3D HD

    Lossless time shift – Allow to start time shift mode any time without loss any piece of frame, time-shifted video starts exactly from same frame as was stopped by user. No any instant of football match missing!

    High quality SD to HD adaptive upscale – provide best as possible reproducing SD video on HD output format. SW adaptive upscale provided on Trimedia™ VLIW core.

    Independent two DVB-S2 + single DVB-T tuners – Make possible to flexible record any HD program and view(or time shift) these either in real-time from terrestrial or satellite.

    Multi media play back from external attached storage – play your favorite HD video and MP3 audio from external USB disc and UPnP network. Support major video containers(ts, m2ts, avi, mkv, etc) as well codec (H264, etc). Support NTFS & FAT file system. Rear two USB ports each support up to 1Amp current what allow attach massive HDD.

    UPnP embedded server – easy surf via network on SmartTVs live channels and records1

    Embedded WLAN 150Mbit 802.11b/g/n & 10/100Mbit LAN – amazing freedom for multi-media applications and to link the receiver into a network

    HDMI 1.4a – support up to modern 3D video and audio bit stream out



    -Twin DVB-S/S2 NXP SiTu tuner with RF cross tuner switch and adaptive LNA

    -Single DVB-T NXP SiTu tuner

    -Trident  MIPS CPU up to 400Mhz

    -DDR 256MB

    -Flash NAND 512Mbit + NOR 2MB

    -Embedded 2,5” SATA HDD, up to 1Tb supported

    -Embedded WLAN 802.11 b/g/n 150Mbit with antenna diversity

    -Embedded high efficiently power supply based NXP SMPS controller up to 45W

    Front panel

    -Graphic 1,54” OLED display

    -DVB CI slot (1,0Amp at 5v/3,3v power capability)

    -USB 2.0 (0,5Amp power capability)

    -Smart card slot (DWCrypt)

    -Power and channel up & down buttons

    Rear panel

    -SAT in LNB A & LNB B (2xF type, 14/18v DiSEqC LNB supply based on DC/DC technology, fully protected)

    -Terrestrial RF IN (5v protected antenna supply) + RF OUT(loop through)

    -Two USB2.0 (each 1Amp power capability)

    -10/100Mbit Ethernet


    -HDMI 1.4a (up to 1080p/30, 3D modes and sound bit stream out supported)

    -Coaxial S/PDIF


    • Reception of digital TV program in DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T standards

    • < 1sec zapping time (physically minimum, may vary depend of stream)

    • Guided first installation

    • Numerous timer recordings programmable + Recording list

    • Favourite program lists

    • Recording of HDTV broadcasts on the integrated hard disk

    • Time shift function on the integrated HDD with permanent time shift mode (ongoing recording of the selected program)

    • EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for 7 days with detailed information

    • NIT table(network channel scan) support allowing immediate program scan(can be selected per operator)

    • Upload selected Satellite and transponder list from USB(*.xml format)

    • Common Interface for CA module

    • DWCrypt CA integrated

    • Language selection for programs broadcast in several languages

    • IP unicast and multicast channels playback(available upon request)

    • Video decoding of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/H.264 (HDTV up to 1080p 30Hz)

    • Audio decoding of MPEG2, Mp3, AC3, AAC*, DTS*, WMA*(*codec additional license required, can be available upon request)

    • Multimedia file browser of attached USB HDD and UPnP network (LAN, WLAN) for video, pictures and MP3 playback

    • Multimedia playback of *.mkv, *.avi, *.m2ts, *.mov

    • Support attached USB storage with NTFS, FAT, EXT3 file system for read/write functionality

    • Web browser for internet surfing (standard USB wireless keyboard and mice supported)

    • Web interface for channels and HDD files management(copy, delete, sort, favorite list edit, etc)

    • UPnP streaming server for live channel and Records make easy to surf it on SmartTVs via network.

    • SW adaptive Upscaler based on Trimedia™ core for SD signals to sharpen output it on 720p and 1080i

    • Suitable for software updates via USB stick

    • Multi languages On-screen display (OSD)

    • LINUX operational system

    • 9999 program memory positions

    • < 1W “passive” PVR stand-by mode supported